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Another reason to use a fractional power (5-6 times per day) – Prevention is often celebrated in recent metabolic disorders in the form of insulin resistance and giperinsulizma. Sumptuous meal causes fluctuations in blood sugar, which automatically leads to the release insulin, whose function – storage of energy in the form of glycogen and fat synthesis. Increased production of the pancreas of the hormone affects the development of metabolic syndrome and diseases such as obesity and 2 diabetes type. In addition, frequent meals neobilnye themselves contribute to increasing the rate of exchange that is so important if you want to lose weight. Another problem – a late dinner.

A typical situation – the whole day on tea and coffee a single meal – an evening. Even if the caloric content it will be half the daily allowance, you'll still get better. In the councils do not eat after six – the principal is not "rush hour", and the opportunity to have time spend eaten 4-5 hours before bedtime. Popular mistake – to deprive themselves of the joy to eat delicious healthy food in the morning and afternoon (the body will then be "planned" low power consumption), and at night after a hearty meal converted into a machine for the production of fat. Calculation of daily energy consumption: the basal metabolic rate = weight (kg) 22 kcal kg / h – for women, 24 kcal kg / h – for men, daily energy consumption = gs 1,4 – low level of activity, 1,6 – average activity, 1,8 – high level of activity. For example, for men weighing 70 kg – basal metabolism – 1680 kcal, with an average level of activity of daily energy consumption = 2688 kcal. Knowing the daily energy consumption, you can calculate the caloric their diet this way: Recommended daily intake = energy consumption during optimal weight.

The recommended diet> daily energy consumption in low weight. The recommended diet Also do not forget about the active lifestyle. Fitness center and water park will certainly help you regain health. Why expose yourself to stress? Listen to experts, they recommend a gradual but steady change in diet. Do not short-term, painful loss, and changes in lifestyle and nutrition in general.