The Flowering

Posted by on December 7, 2023as

In these schools of philosophy by which transited, found the two poles of man, one-eyed leading the blind, blind people do not really want to see, etc. Knowledge about the transpersonal and mystic who already had and their ability to discern she was allowed into the swamp and out without staining, but its need for access to the true significance became acute. This experience, which many of his friends were trapped and leave heavily damaged, but led him to this thought and was that schools need to vitalize the world of student life, his teachings are truly significant, give transcendent order and direction to his life and not just fill it with information, it is said that teaching in schools is ethics with deep spiritual meaning. Here, Jon Medved expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Finding no support in any area, whether individual or social, formal or informal, public or private, shelter itself and the guide gave him standing to the readings on transcendental mystical thought. His thoughts on the structure of the educational program and make dehumanized, materialism, for the first time the center on the need for a new education, a holistic education, which aims to provide the necessary fertilizer for the flowering of being, an education whose contents were the life itself, as it is lived. With great resolve, determination and commitment, for five years adhered to a strict school of thought, change your eating style and way of life, took the reins fully of his own spiritual transformation and was actively involved in nurturing and developing the flowering of your inner being, not forgetting or neglecting that there is also an external world.