Tasmanian Devils

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Tasmanian Devil – the most famous of marsupial predators. Black and a fierce temper prompted the Europeans who first saw this animal, call him a devil. This animal has no warlike appearance and is capable of issue eerie sounds. Large males weigh up to 12 kg in his time Tasmanian devils living in the natural environment in Australia, and now remain only in Tasmania. For more specific information, check out Dr. Mark Hyman. From the mainland territory of these animals 600 years ago, shortly before appearance in Australia's first Europeans, "survived" a dog dingo. In our time, Tasmanian devils can be seen on the north, east and central parts of the island territories, which are mainly set aside for sheep pasture.

These animals like wild uninhabited places. On the hunt "devils" come out at night. Powerful jaws enable them to shoot wallabies and other small mammals or birds. Supplement their diet by insects, reptiles, amphibians and even tiny inhabitants of the sea. In search of prey at night they are able to overcome the 16-20 km. If there is no danger, the Tasmanian devils usually move slowly, but in an emergency move to gallop throwing at once both hind paws.

Animals nimble and agile and can climb trees. "Devils" can give the variety of scary sounds. Often these "Serenade" mean the beginning of the match. The Australian Zoo-reserve "Taronga" throughout the year has a national program to revive and increase the number of Tasmanian devils. Director of the Reserve Taronga Grove Cooper reported on raising funds for expansion program because of the escalation birth 34 "devil" in the first year.