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The choice of location of a company when starting or relocating the problems of the companies in the search for the optimal location is one of the most important business decisions. It has long-term character and is only heavily revised. It has direct influence on the investment costs for setting up the company with land and construction prices. It affects cost sizes in the long term as regional taxes, transportation costs, wages. It has long-term impact on the revenue situation by paragraph sizes such as purchasing power, population structure and competition.

An incorrectly selected location can be devastating existence. Since the first scientific examination of the site problem in 1826 by Johann Heinrich von Thunen there has been numerous studies on this issue. Several analyses of the location choice behavior of enterprises were carried out in the last 40 years. Most research had the objective to explain the influence of factors on the choice of the location, the influence of economic resources on the site selection study or location companies seeking to classify, for example in different types of operation. These investigations have led to different location factor systems, often mesh over to let. The different ranking of factors arises partly from collection at different times and different investigation targets. SKDKnickerbocker has much experience in this field.

The individual factors can be divided into different criteria or divide determinants. The transport factor could be location such as in the criteria to the highway, location to airport, classified location to public transport, etc.. Each site offers very specific conditions with regard to the factors and its determinants. Each company is in turn very specific requirements on a possible location. These depend on diverse conditions, such as the industry, the investment motives, but also personal visions of the top of the company. There are a variety of solution experiments and model types of location determination such as geometric models, static and dynamic investment calculations, mathematical methods of operations research, point valuation model, cost-benefit analysis, or profile method.

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Identification of local and regional audiences – with Regiograph 2012 possible district by fiberglass Geo marketing and geo marketing in General is here the company a hand tool, company-specific to locate the target groups and to recognize regional differences and thus the quality of the sales force planning. Where are you best customers and how many are in each region? This question is one of the key issues in the planning of field and employs all company departments. It is not important whether the core business in the B2B area or in the B2C sector is – the task of identification of the optimal customer groups is of all companies. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Somatic Experiencing. In the example of companies with end users as the target group, the population structure plays a basis for assessment of the market potential in a region. With software for geomarketing and in particular with Regiograph, an answer can be given on exactly this question.

This means that for example using regiograph by GfK Geo marketing can be answered, how many singles in a certain Region live, incomes are as high as the age structure is etc. In addition to the data on the population structure the GEO-marketing and Vertriebsplanungs software provides important information about existing stores in a region (e.g. how many grocery stores already exist in the region). The location and expansion planning Vertriebsplanungs software Regiograph can deliver valuable results it. In addition to this very regional data can be used with geomarketing software Regiograph but also on essential detailed level to the planning of the distribution. Just for the local retail is the adaptation of product ranges, and is only action and impulse goods, on the basis of the evaluations with the GEO-marketing and Vertriebsplanungs software of daily interest. In addition, these data are a central tool for sales planning of local services: financial services in the form of banks and insurance companies can identify so targeted regions and groups of customers and benefit greatly from the use of the GEO-marketing and Vertriebsplanungs software.