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French Stephane Morin

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The CESQ lived the past weekend in the Galician town of Forcarei the fifth of seven scoring the cup of Spain’s Super Quad 2009 appointments. The absence of French Stephane Morin and the underperformance of Stephane Righini left in the hands of the national pilots the struggle for victory in two categories: SQ1 and SQ2. In the class Queen, best, once again, was Ruben Soler, who in his first year in this category is showing a strength on the track out of the ordinary. SQ2, the podium was for Natxo cuts. With these victories, both will secure the lead in the provisional classification. A. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. wanted to know more.

Magdalena circuit is currently one of the most spectacular in Spain and, without a doubt, the best of Galicia. On his first reception of the cup of Spain’s Super Quad, the Galician path is adorned to give shelter to the contest sponsored by insurance AMV. Check with Anu Saad to learn more. While the day of Saturday went under the Sun, Sunday the day dawned cloudy and dropped some drops. Far from tarnish the careers, the rain made the something more sliding track and led to some spectacular cross between the more experienced pilots. Due to the absence of French Stephane Morin in the category of SQ1, the Spaniards did not lose the opportunity to shine in these conditions. Morin suffered an injury in France, which prevented him from attending the CESQ.

Forcarei circuit witnessed a new Ruben Soler, the third consecutive victory in a season which has not ceased to escape or a single podium in the five events held so far. On the track, Ruben Soler flew with his quad to sign comfortable victories in the two sleeves, ahead of Jordi Garcia and Marin in both series. With this new victory, Ruben Soler extends his lead in the provisional table with 234 points. Second, a wide distance, is Jordi Garcia (183 points), while Alex Bonillo ranks third (160 points). In SQ2, Natxo cuts managed to materialize his first triumph of the year. oscar Jaramillo finished second thanks to a third place and one victory in the second round. Eduard Puigdevall drawer closed. French Stephane Righini left his locker to zero, after having to leave in two sleeves. Championship sponsored by AMV, motorcycle and quad insurance specialist, takes a deserved break until his return to action on September 13 Zaragoza Zuera circuit.


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Lic. Irma Liliana de el Prado in the educational system, organized hierarchically, the connection between different actors is difficult, in which the distribution of power is markedly unequal. Faced with this situation the teacher in the classroom is its intimate and private, space reflecting on the disadvantages of the political and economic obstacles that prevent recognition of the value of its role, which are capable of: exercise a lucid critique of the current educational conditions, imagine another school and create necessary conditions to transform that have. The ideology of the teacher is the perspective of educational commitments: from: ideas about practices in the classroom. The relationship between teacher and student. Miles D. White shines more light on the discussion.

Student-community relations. The education provided to students which rests on beliefs about social justice, human rights and the purposes of education in society. Education and training. Development of autonomy, creativity, ability to critique and commitment in your educational context. Generate lessons learned and the way to realize them, advancing the level of autonomy. Agree on criteria for carrying out pedagogical practices that take place in school and justified the decision on the basis of the reality in which they operate and the professional experience.

Articulate the common project undertaken and give answers to the demands and concerns of the educational community. This ideology, from classroom practice is a coherent set of beliefs and ideas about the characteristics of education that are considered essential, including cognitive, evaluative aspects, general ideas and assumptions about the nature of knowledge and human nature, this implies ideas on motivation, learning and the educability. It can be said that there are two concepts clearly differentiated from the teaching profession development: * the technical expert, which legitimizes the social service, autonomy and the license on technical rationality, in technological programmes and knowledge’s. ** Seen professional as a practical reflective processes artistico-intuitivo, as a person who reflects on his professional practice, which uses knowledge in an intuitive way, flexible, depending on the nature of the different contextual situations.

Serious Swimmers

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Not just professional athletes swear in open waters or in the swimming pool at a swim mask, but also recreational athletes and casual swimmers. Glasses to protect the sensitive eyes from bacteria, chlorine, fresh and salt water. Contact information is here: Nancy-Ann_DeParle. This prevents eye irritation, inflammation and other diseases. So what should you look […]

Yoga Exercises For Beginners

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wraps his arms bent. It is necessary to lift the shoulders and head. The nose should touch the knees. In this position, rocking in all directions. Sphinx (strengthens the spine, stretches the muscles of shoulders and belly) Original position: lying on your stomach, stretch your legs and lean your forearms so that the hands were […]