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This process includes assigning work and educational purposes to expand the capabilities of the worker; the prospects likely to acquire a new skill or knowledge for future work to be assigned: opportunities for advancement; and security in employment or income associate at work. Proficiency in employee benefits. This can be achieved by sufficiency in revenue to maintain an acceptable social standard for living: minimizing the gap between payments to executives and workers per hour; pay at a rate that is proportional to the number of jobs that a worker can develop well, rather than by the number currently scheduled to make. Immediate to use opportunities and develop human capacities. Included in this category the autonomy; the use of multiple skills rather than the repetitive application of a single; feedback about the results of an activity as a basis for self-regulation; total tasks rather than fragmented; planning as well as implementation of activities. Participation in the Constitution of the Organization’s work. Even in areas deprived about non-labour issues; freedom of expression without fear or reprisals; equity: suitable procedures.

Balance between work and life. This involves job requirements, including programas-presupuesto, urgent matters and travel does not take time for leisure or family time as something everyday, and that advancement opportunities do not require geographical changes frequently. Social relevance and working life. Includes the recognition of the social responsibility of the company in as they are marketed products, disposal of waste and abuse by employees. Social integration in the work of the organization. This means, free from damages; equality; mobility; interpersonal opening; face to face support groups or teams; and a sense of community in the organization that goes beyond primary groups. Conclusions the mutual help, respect among all members of the collective, particularly the relationships between bosses and subordinates, the existence of a working environment characterized by solidarity, fraternity, cooperation, discipline and legality, is a task that should be under the Dominion of a good management who cares seriously because manifests a true social responsibility on the quality of working lifemore now when the characteristics of the scenarios demand it.