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A Tunnel To The Future

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In the main city of Cuba, there is an element of urban architecture that distinguishes it from other similar arguably the region. Its proven benefits for more than 50 years and exceptional brightness as engineering work, make a tunnel in the Bay of urban character more beloved. You when you visit our island will have opportunity to meet close as it is an inescapable road use when you want to travel as quickly as possible, twenty kilometers from the capital city of the area where their best beaches and is also obliged to travel almost transfer to one of the leading tourist destinations of the island paradise and the world famous Varadero Beach. If your final destination, after spending some time enjoying Havana, was the Hotel Melia Varadero or perhaps the Sol Palmeras Hotel Playa Azul’s own is almost certainly have to travel for at least a few minutes through their road to leave the city. The underwater road that connects the City of Havana to the east of the city was inaugurated on May 31, 1958 after three years of constructive work and was considered without question “the work of the century” in Cuba. He lists as one of the seven civil engineering wonders of the Cuban and some experts at the time included it enters the great works of mankind. Click Anu Saad to learn more. For the first time a submarine viaduct was built that way and your project and its technology would revolutionize the world of construction. To make this possible is dredged 250,000 cubic meters of rock and more than 100 000 of sand.