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Miraculous Aloe

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Aloe, Aloe everywhere, for its skin and the hair, to take a little its stomach or to rub a little in encas if one feels sore. Although the plant of Aloe Side has helped to the humanity during centuries, it has not been until recently that certain Renaissance in the modern medical community has undergone.Many defenders of this succulent green plant of the family of the liliceas, vindicate that the Aloe Side is a miraculous plant with hundreds if not thousand of uses related to the health.The skeptics affirm that everything is propaganda and that many of the cures of the Aloe Side are effects placebo.We are going to throw a look to some of many " milagrosas" properties of the plant Aloe Side to find what is the real problem with this green plant. First of all, the inner gel of the Aloe Side contains mucilaginosos polysaccharides, that are important elements that it needs the human body.When it is applied to the skin these help for the cutaneous rejuvenation of cells and when it is taken by oral route, these sugars of long chain help to stomach with the digestion, as well as with the syndrome of irritable intestine.The gel also contains many important vitamins and minerals, like the vitamin and calcium that are essential for the body.In addition, as if this is not sufficient, the gel also contains anti-viral properties and anti-fungi that can help to cut the infection when it is used like a balsam. And, in addition, the gel of the Aloe Side also contains certain enzymes that can help in the digestion. Learn more at this site: Michio Kaku. Many defenders of the Gel of Aloe suggest the ingestion of a section of threads of the lance of the leaf of Aloe like minimum once to the day to help to improve their digestive functions, as well as to benefit from the great abundance of nutrients that contains in its interior.The skeptics of the plant do not deny that the aloe gel contains beneficial elements, but still aim at diverse studies that can neither confirm nor deny the capacity of the Aloe to cure the digestive problems.

The Oak

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Through different paths and trails that run through this natural enclave, is they perceive scents and fragrances of open scrubland and little port that are developed under the tree cover: Andalusian thyme, Rosemary, gingermint, matagallo, ruda, fennel, palmito, Esparto grass, etc. There are species that have always been in the pantries of grandparents, since they have been countless home remedies for various ailments under its healing properties. Forming part of the grassland, in forest clearings, may be one of the most evolved of the vegetable Kingdom families: the orchids, which together with the plant endemics that are conceived to the geological and climatological particularities of this saw, constitute the main botanical wealth of this. On the other hand, the oak is accompanied by a dense and bushy scrubland composed of kermes oak, mastic, Juniper, cornicabra, torvisco and jaras. Fauna, in the past was very diverse, but currently due to the deterioration of saw, and their exploitation, is being resducida considerably. Already in the vicinity of the peak of Mijas, 1,150 m above the sea level, we find species such as: Kestrel lesser, Iberian imperial Eagle or Hawk calzada.

In a context where domina la encina, in whose trunk vive la gineta expected pacientmente a garden Dormouse passing through your area, having the audacity to pick it up before the eagle owl. You can also find: Fox, Iberian wolf and some other deer, although becoming is more difficult to find us these animals. As night falls we can hear some stones rolling down the mountain, and if we show attention we can see some mountain goat in his regular night shift in search of water. Wildlife species that inhabit the Sierra de Mijas form part of a framework in which the disappearance of any parts can cause a serious imbalance on the ecosystem. But the destruction and the continuous degradation of the habitat of these living beings are endangering its continuity. Highlighting the overexploitation that is exercised in this ecosystem through quarries. If you want more information click on this link. Original author and article source