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The one at the end choose not will be determined not by reason but by imagination. Beyond this point are others who help increase the number of ideas, including: Certainty Division: Divide problems into its various parts, analyze and then re-attachable. Technical a Matrix: Define what your business and how it should be considered. a Relaxation: Solution of problems through relaxation and meditation. a Animated Ideas: Replace the words in abstract visual symbols. Thought a Gross: View relationships between different things. Serpent a Cascabel and Roses: The search for analogies is very effective to solve problems. The Board of Murder: After you have created ideas, we must put them in order and listen.

Impact. (Not to be confused with cardiologist!). a The Thinkertoys allow: to think positively. best to help define problems and identify strengths that can increase the maximum. Find business opportunities within each stage. to help overcome the problems generating ideas .. a The Thinkertoys can “squeeze the brain, bringing revolutionary ideas, capable of generating much-needed changes in such an environment in which we operate so polluted turbulence, where the strategic mind of the manager must be a guarantee, a guarantee to the success of organizations.

Advantages. a The type Thinkertoys solve business problems. a Encourages individuals and groups working to express ideas and to postpone until later the court review on a specific problem. Rate a each of the possibilities before making a decision, positive thinking on solutions. these different techniques encourage the emergence of creative ideas and prepare to return to after and ideas, encouraging further work on the ideas generated.