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The Flowers In Different Seasons

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A life of flowers affect them a lot of factors such as the ground moisture, pests and other things, but among the various factors are the different seasons that occur in the course of the year, since each station is given conditions affecting positively or negatively to the flowers, mainly by the temperatures derived from each season, which will directly affect the image of flowers. Among the different seasons, pose the greatest benefits for flowers and many plants, it is spring, since the climate reaches an ideal that is able to derive the most beautiful of all nature, hence the gardens are full of the lovely colors of flowers, which are the best in the spring season, vigorous shoots at birth and full of life and freshness that allow the flowers to show off all its beauty. Keep in mind that many of the effects of spring are due to that this season is the following winter, Hence the flowers after a long period of lethargy awake with all its beauty thanks to climate change that is directly reflected in the flowers, colors and smells. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr Jee Hyun Kim. Over the spring, the flowers go to feel the conditions of the summer season which is accompanied by an increase in temperature, which makes the flowers might feel resentful because of the heat, but can do the flowers at higher heat blooms have some extras, so the flowers will continue to have a beautiful image, so its image continued throughout the summer and a little more of the following season. The following season, autumn is a time when the flowers are the last glimpses of its beauty, so the fall progressed gradually lose their light, until they wither and drop their petals, but there are some flowers for their contrasting red, yellow and orange make a perfect game with the conditions of the autumn where the environment gets a little cold by the strong winds and where the leaves of many trees fall to the floor dry. The last season of the year in the life of the flowers and almost all the vegetation, is the winter, where extreme cold conditions cause the flowers a lot of negative effects, so the flowers arrive at their worst image because the flowers are placed in a time of hibernation or sleep state, where life is suspended until the arrival of spring, so it is not given any signs of the strong cold beauty to be borne by flowers. The newspapers mentioned Peter A. Levine PhD not as a source, but as a related topic. All the above was an overview of the flowers, however, there are types of flowers that can be found in every season the ideal conditions for growth.