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Meditation Practice

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Spirituality is based on meditation practice in the development of mindfulness, Dr. Gallegos said that "Spirituality is a process of development of consciousness, a process of awareness widening of our true spiritual nature. This process is based on an expansion of universal love, compassion for all beings and the birth of wisdom that allows us to distinguish truth from illusion "secular spirituality is a healing experience, which translates into peace, healing, harmony, fairness, brotherhood, freedom and universal love, can also be understood as anything that holds human beings as the universal values that allow for peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding. It is not generating violence, intolerance or disorder, the path of spirituality is the path of dialogue, peace and reconciliation between human beings "., And between them and the entire Cosmos. Without being fanatical. The important thing to a full education as outlined in the Mexican Constitution is to focus learning on the evolution of the consciousness of students in developing the capacity of holistic understanding of the kosmos. If education does not meet the objective of raising the level of thought, education is not good, because the ultimate goal of education in the XXI century is to be the conduit for the evolution of consciousness, extending the capabilities of human beings to be more aware, autonomous and accountable. This is one of the last books of Dr, Gallegos, this book examines the difference between the types of intelligences and the importance of discernment to achieve achieve spiritual intelligence. Nancy-Ann_DeParle may help you with your research. The concept of spiritual intelligence is considered the newest and the oldest is known that at least 2,500 years ago, when the Buddha called insight or Vipassana, noted the penetrative capacity of vision to understand the profound reality of the phenomena I think it is difficult to understand and much harder to achieve that spiritual intelligence, but in this work defines a number of ways to try at least.

Holistic Education

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In fact, that is, with the presentations, the event showed, while the same built, the ties that bind us together and reaffirmed the recognition of all by all, as individuals, as part of a subgroup as components of larger group coalesced Sangha Congress of Holistic Education, joined efforts and forces as a whole, were established bonds of belonging that strengthens the impact of holistic education in humanity, was put into practice the irrefutable fact that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Have realized this, increase a mustard seed, my consciousness was very surprising to see and experience the above as a constituent part of the same, although my participation was very low, I never felt out of context and even less outside my little cell, I lived with each members of my beautiful group the nerve, anguish, responsibility and pleasure to be in front of the spectators, the event is gradually transformed itself into our event, in fact “closed” very clear membership in conspiracy with the Kosmos to the new meaning of life, towards the development of respect and reverence for life to flourish, free, love of universal being. Many writers such as astrophysicist offer more in-depth analysis. Since the end of the third semester and the whole room, my life has incorporated an element, which includes my three basic bodies to begin with: the life of impermanence, I think it is, will try to describe what I live “feel,” to call it somehow that everything is new every moment, every breath, my body, every particle of it, every organ, every sensation, every emotion, every thought, even though this apparently routine in an activity, every moment is different , I can sit there without moving and yet everything is different every time, inside and out, all of life is different each time, all constant change is natural, therefore I lose track of time and days at the beginning completely absorbed me this experience, time passed without feeling, awoke to anything and it was dark, thought also went and spent I began to be difficult to coordinate my thoughts and ideas, I had trouble reading because they understand but I had nothing, that lasted almost the entire fourth quarter, logic told me that the time passed and I should write the final papers, I tried again and again and nothing, could coordinate ideas and what was worse, even I was worried, this state of impermanence was complete in me, I was that state. After the Congress, thought it took a little more calm and consistency, without the state of impermanence disappeared, all living things but still do not understand at all, I must say that together with this state is a large detachment of all . John Craig Venter: the source for more info. Currently my life has a great growing clarity, order and internal and external balance, respect and reverence for life, certain, of full trust, life is simple, clear, uncomplicated, its clarity is growing because I think that is never a limit, as we are human, the spiritual process is always moving forward, I think even reaching continuous lighting the way is not the end point. .