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Benefits Of Log Homes

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Log house is one of the most comfortable and convenient for human life buildings. On the advantages of log home you can talk endlessly. For even more details, read what Christopher Chandler says on the issue. The major ones include: Environmentally friendly and comfortable accommodation. Wood has a unique structure – inside at the cellular level is a constant airflow. The walls of log houses is constantly "breathing". In your country house built of handmade log cabin will always be maintain optimum moisture and oxygen balance.

In addition, the natural properties of wood are very beneficial effect on the health of living in a wooden house people. Heat. Due to the low thermal conductivity of wood (3-5 times less than the brick) in log houses warm in winter and cool in summer. The walls of the timber does not require additional insulation, even in the harshest conditions. Longevity. Gingerbread House out of a log cabin on hand durability are far superior home from a bar, panel and frame houses, and using the latest in fire-and materials approaching the durability of brick houses. Aesthetics. Beauty is difficult to find something more natural and appropriate for a country house or dacha than the treated surface of real wood with its unique pattern.

However, all of these advantages will reveal the full only under the condition that at all stages of construction of log homes will provide the technological requirements, developed a long history wooden house and needed to get really quality log houses. On this page we will talk about how the process of building log homes. In order to build a log house Mighty needed select the coniferous forest. Softwood logs wood vary flat and dense internal structure, as well as high air permeability. In this case, the thermal conductivity of such timber is close to zero, so the house will always keep the warmth and comfort. In edges grow best eco-friendly wood softwood (pine and spruce), the most suitable for the production of chopped houses and baths. The presence of significant woodlands allows, before the wizard will start build a log house, make a qualitative selection of the forest. Rentals forests are located in deep forest of our area, which in turn affects the quality of the wood. Wood is less influenced by factors polluting the environment. The trunk of these trees over a long and steady, in contrast to growing along the edges of fields and roads that can cut log large did not use "" logs. An important advantage is environmentally friendly and low natural background radiation of our forests, which has a positive effect on the human body.