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Work And Hobbies

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Work as a hobby – analyze "office" or "freelance" agree, if your work is your hobby, and in addition – this is great! However, the combination is quite rare. Speaking of articles devoted to the comparison office work and the option of freelancing, which presented the pros and cons of these two options work, usually it comes to such concepts as time and money, freedom and comfort, and so on. But, unfortunately, rarely considered this aspect as a simple interest. A survey was conducted site Allsana. ru and partner sites. The survey confirmed that the audience considers the interest of these sites to work as one of the determining factors in human life, which can affect even the well-being.

Remember, even if it is not easy given many employment process, which takes a lot of strength. It is difficult today to find suitable jobs. If you are not convinced, visit Anu Saad. In Generally, it is no secret that does not bring pleasure exhausting work more than on more intensive loads, but interesting work, which he sees running more than just a means to generate income. It has long been known, but only in recent years, due to the increasing pace of life is becoming more noticeable. High workload, which often involves the work of freelancers bring much less discomfort than well-known "working times" faced by their "office counterparts," namely, regular stress, incompetent colleagues, and sometimes some services, ill-defined points, such as those associated with deficiencies in communications between departments and divisions. Think of running around to interviews, job search is often very debilitating. Polls on leisure among office workers show interesting Results – The majority of respondents seeking to escape from the office, not to discover hitherto unknown aspects of life in the bosom of Nature. However, unlike the office brethren rest for freelancers – this is not a way to disconnect from work but rather an opportunity to diversify life.

Freelancers generally are interested in outdoor activities like rafting, hiking on foot away from the blessings of civilization and so on few numbers: According to a survey in 2000 respondents more than seventy-six percent of freelancers view their work as part of their lives. Job satisfaction is considered as "above average" and "high". Accordingly, the office colleagues may not boast of such results – the majority – 58% want to change jobs, and more than 68% – were dissatisfied with their work as a way of self-realization. Office staff, approximately, as well as their fellow freelancers satisfied with the level of wages / income – sixty-three and Sixty eight percent, respectively. The main thing to understand is one that is working and in huge quantities! Everything else is now looking for work, for example, work in Kiev of difficulties due to current technology and global network.