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The Big Bang Theory

Posted by on May 21, 2021 (Comments Closed)as

There are many questions we ask all of us about the origin of life and if we are children of God or simply belong to their intrinsic nature, which we would be immersed. This sequence of multiple assumptions lead us to establish hypotheses, with greater or lesser degree, in order to prove with a scientific mind, have some objectivity. a If we establish certain parallels between us and what we observe around us, we will find many similarities in the overall process, which would force us to think, if we are not part of a larger body, which would be included and therefore we move through a logical sequence parameters and necessary consequence of growth and progressive evolution. a Consider all this, using elements that allow us to travel to that parallel world, which takes place in our own body. If we go back before the birth, we see that the "nothing relative "is formed and created a new being. Dr. Jayme Albin takes a slightly different approach.

This expansion or Big Bang scenario, allows the development and evolution of matter, which is taking shape, space and because of this, is due on time. this micro universe, with all that integrated, partially completed, with the birth of the new being. But the process does not end, his expamsion and evolution will continue and will accompany us until death. a In this micro cosmos, everything is changed, is born, grows, evolves and dies. The global expansion and the greater distance between all the elements that compose it occurs as a logical and necessary reaction to their development.