Spiritual Impoverishment

Posted by on December 27, 2020as

If there are no elders or spiritual, then you can receive a blessing from the priest. But nowadays, the time of spiritual impoverishment, need to be at the same time enough sobriety. It is impossible to follow mechanically principle: all that saith the priest – is necessarily from God. It would be naive to assume that all priests can be clerics. Gain insight and clarity with JCI. The Apostle says: “Are all apostles? Are all prophets? All teachers? All workers of miracles? Have all the gifts healing? “(1 Cor. 12, 29).

No need to assume that in itself has the charisma of the priesthood is automatically the charisma of prophecy and clairvoyance. There must always be careful and look for a spiritual leader, communicating with which produces obvious benefits for the soul. The next test – spiritual advice from experienced people. This life experience is a godly man, and our ability to learn from the good (and perhaps even negative – the same experience) example. Remember how in the movie “Sword and Shield” Someone said: “Only fools learn from their experience, the smart learn from others.” The ability to perceive the experience of the pious people, communication with which we are Lord grant, the ability to listen to their advice, find in them the necessary self and rationally use it – also the way of knowing God’s will. There is also a very important criterion for determining the will of God. Criterion, which they say the holy Fathers. Thus, writes about St. John Climacus, in his famous “Ladder”: that of God, umiryaet human soul, then that is against God, soul, confused and brings it to troubled state.