Service Promotion

Posted by on December 10, 2023

When you promote services or products on the Internet it is essential to have a page of landing or Landing Page. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Anita Dunn. Most people directly send the traffic to your main web site without knowing that the best strategy to get prospects and potential customers are the landing pages. The main purpose of this page is to capture data from our visitors such as name and email address. of this. Remember that the Internet is a cold market where we only have 8 or 10 seconds to achieve the attention and curiosity of the people who come to our site. Hence the importance of generating interest in what your offer or propose. This single is accomplished with an eye-catching headline to take the person to want to know it and fill the form with the data mentioned above. A Page Landing must have the following features: attractive and eye-catching headline that generate curiosity.

If possible a short video made by yourself is always give something. You can be an E-book or a video course contact form for the name and email your signature and telephone number do not make the mistake in this page mention the company or products you’re promoting. Remember that we only need to have your data to continue with the next step in our marketing strategy. In upcoming articles we will explain how you should design your landing in an effective way and above all with results page.