Recovery Security

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Being thus, this study it had as objective to tell to the ideal situation verses to the reality of CC and the CME in the institutions of sade2. Revision of literature Surgical center (CC), under the optics of the professional nurse, is considered the one of the units most complex of the hospital, which had its especificidade and the presence of agent estressores, as well as the possibilities of risks to the health. This unit is constituted by a set of areas and installations that allow to effect the surgeries in the best conditions of security for the patient, and of comfort and security for the teams that assistem3. Being a sector of restricted circulation, they are distinguished, between its purposes, the accomplishment of surgical procedures, returning the patients to its units of origin in the best possible conditions of integrity; otimao of field of period of training for the formation, training and development of human resources; the scientific development for the improvement of new techniques cirrgicas4. Health Care Reform pursues this goal as well. The Central office of Material and Esterilizao (CME) must be a unit of support technician inside of the destined establishment of health to receive considered dirty and contaminated material, to descontaminar them, to prepare them and to esterilizar them, as well as preparing and esterilizar the deriving clean clothes of the laundry and storing this type of future article for distribuio4.

The unit of CC must be located in an area of the hospital that offers necessary security to the aseptic techniques, therefore distant of places of great circulation of people, noise and dust. One sends regards that he is next to the units to internment, soon aid and unit of intensive therapy, in order to contribute with the immediate intervention and better flow of pacientes4. In accordance with the hospital organization, the After-Anesthetical Recovery and the Central office of Materiais and Esterilizao4 can be part of the surgical block.