Penguins In The Home

Posted by on May 31, 2021as

Actress Christine Dorner reads an unusual meeting on Monday in the Bremerhaven AMARITA: penguins in the retirement home. “It comes to when actor Inn Christine Dorner (63) (14.03.11, from 15.00 to 16.00) next Monday in which, one, thinks is AMARITA Bremerhaven from the book by Elke Heidenreich at the South Pole it hot” reads. This question will be replaced, why are penguins by nature with an elegant evening wear. The reading with pieces from the opera La Traviata is fit for action”accompanied. Please visit JCI if you seek more information. For Christine Dorner an exciting task to them for several reasons forward. For one thing, as it succeeds in pulling the older audience captivated.

To another but also to come with the residents of the senior facility in the conversation. All the more so as the mother of two adult sons itself is many concerned about the aging and the problems of an ageing society. Dr. Jayme Albin spoke with conviction. I find it terrible when old people are simply deported”, so the actress. Offers such as This reading in the AMARITA looks at this as very positive. For them, it is a piece of social commitment. For the event they welcomes AMARITA Bremerhaven all interested visitors.

The admission is free. Visitors can register at the following phone number: AMARITA Bremerhaven reception 0471-926-900 is the AMARITA Bremerhaven an in-patient seniors and health care facility, is located Central on an approximately 4,400 sqm site in Bremerhaven. The House was opened on Oct 6, 2009, can accommodate 204 inhabitants and belongs to the Marseille-Kliniken AG. If you have questions, please contact: Marie Christien Grutzner WMP EuroCom AG 030-206 114 54