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Showing such a gesture of submission devil disappeared. The friends, who were unaware that meeting, served in the brilliant tool up a little vinegar. It led to the tasting and judging the lady was correct (except it was defeated). Unknown to the girl could not hear or friends, Liberato called some people who have died to the practice of a particular activity. The miraculous child went to the cupboard and got a few hands extended, the result of such activity in containers.

The samples corresponded to Stalin, Hitler, Gargamel, and the clown Tufo. By order of the young caster, Pico gathered all the same in a single receptacle. He asked what kind of fluid it was. Given the silence of the head, the blond boy imagined that his taste would be unbearable. Liberato held the spoon filled with non-solid material, directing it to the lips of the “baby-sitter.” There was a tasting and then drank. _ It is very rich, what is? _, Raising his hand to the breast consulted nectar _ Is it …? _Mujer … You make more! _ Liberato said. Leaving aside the spoon was offered to continue with the action using the glass.

Ate almost a quarter liter. The rest he was suddenly thrown in his face and his lean trousers._ Ay guys!, I think I spotted. I better go change … I ask a thousand pardons for the band, and without paying attention to young people, went to the room of the parents of child incredible closing the door.