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By this as it comments the fact that different women have different cycles as far as their duration mean that the ovulation happens in very different times not even he is stable although the period she is to regulate, the ovulation can occur enters 14 day and day 16, varying with the months.She is by that we concluded that body of each woman is different and is pertinent that time is dedicated to know its own body and takes a binnacle of its menstrual cycles to determine what is the exact day of its ovulation, it is possible to be assured over the years that it can change the day The best way to determine the day of the ovulation is the method of the corporal temperature, but this method even requires of being taken in serious, will have to take every day to the same hour and under the same conditions, but the correct ones they are when waking up in the morning and without rising of the bed, all this could happen from day 12 to day 14 to have data of accumulated temperatures, the day that the temperature varies from one tenth to a degree meant that it is ideal moment to be pregnant woman, since is the moment of the ovulation, is not necessary to say that this perfect serious day to have relations and to initiate to carry out the task of having drinks. Having relations from two days before the ovulation to two days later will allow to be in the days that the atmosphere in the place of the fertilization he is the correct one to obtain the fertilization, taking into account this, every month in your control of temperatures wraths knowing with with better security I spread approaches the day of the ovulation and it will be moment for preparing itself to have relations with the idea to conceive. Other leaders such as Dr. Mark J Berger offer similar insights. The ideal moment to be pregnant would determine the day to it in that the woman is but fertile, now will be due to complement assuring the propitious conditions but so that this happens, already it has commented in this blog some but that podras to read right here, like doing it in the correct position, having a healthful feeding and mainly having the attitude and desire to have it drinks that they will be factors that will influence in which to be pregnant is a possibility with a high effectiveness but .. .