Organic Food

Posted by on August 25, 2017as

Currently, the Russian and Moscow market vegetables are very few environmentally friendly products – in Russia, such products are almost done. At the same vegetables that are widely represented on the Russian market is very often contain pesticides, residues of harmful chemicals used in processing and other harmful substances that can adversely affect health. Imported vegetables grown on the environmental standards for long-distance transport are handled by special chemicals in order to prevent spoilage. Thus, Russian buyers are forced to consume vegetables that do not meet standards environmentally friendly products, which adversely affects the health of Russians. In accordance with medical recommendations, one should consume daily more than 500 grams. vegetables. Dr Jee Hyun Kim usually is spot on.

So what to choose – the poisoned vegetables containing a scattering of chemicals, or rejection of a healthy diet? Heavy dilemma that each of us decides for himself But there is a solution! Grow vegetables without harmful chemicals, ie the so-called bio product can be in the greenhouse. But in order To do this, you need to have a clean earth, ie, that is located away from industrial areas, on highways and which does not contain any harmful chemicals. On the choice of seed should also be approached more closely. The process of growing organic vegetables requires a more careful approach, ie must ensure sufficient if the plants of light, water and nutrients. In the greenhouses will also need to maintain a certain climate to grow the plants was comfortable. Another plus of greenhouses is that the seed, care for and harvest vegetables can and in bad weather that much important. To cultivate an environmentally friendly product requires quality control at all stages of production. As they say in a proverb – "Good food-the best medicine."