Multigeneration Houses Construction

Posted by on December 14, 2023as

The House factory. Quality since 3 generations. (Majority)Multi-generation houses are a trend that the both the growing need for security, and the demographic development is equivalent to. Particularly in the current economic situation, a House is a meaningful monetary and investment that pays off at the latest at the age when rent burden can severely curtail the life quality. A multigenerational can thereby accommodate several generations or but use different needs at different stages of life.

An example is the model of the Suddeutsche prefabricated house manufacturer Luxhaus in Georgensgmund, before the factory gates of the company, the living and working or living and housing combined. An attachment to the real House can be used as Office or practice. If necessary, the workspace can be to the living area if, for example, the parents in the former Office space move and the children use the House. This concept works both in complete separation of the two units – is therefore to also use as a granny flat imaginable, as well as with running transition, such as assisted living. Depending on the needs, the accommodation of an au pair for the children or later for a nurse or a nurse is conceivable. Also use as student accommodation for adult children is possible. Seen multigenerational means not necessarily apartment house, or that the House must grow modular. A solution integrated from the beginning is always elegant, requires no additional construction phases and also literally home, namely to create Habitat for an individual life concept.

Crucially, in time thoroughly worrying, the new home which requirements should be grown. Then it is possible to meet not only the dream of your own four walls, but to build a House, individually planned with vision and much empathy, covers all the needs in the long term to meet the personal life design. Information about the company the Architecture and innovative home automation convinces Suddeutsche family business LUXHAUS measure concepts precisely tailored to the builders with great attention to detail, more demanding. Is produced with the latest technologies in millimeter-precise manufacturing exclusively on the site Georgensgmund in Bavaria. Decades of experience and a strong commitment to service will ensure a smooth process. A milestone was the development of climatic-wall technology with the Fraunhofer Institute for wood research, which makes for a healthy feel-good climate and keeps energy costs low. The climatic wall is standard part of each LUXHAUS.