Making Dreams Come True

Posted by on February 12, 2015

Burn me close my eyes do I see you bring to me and do what I want what I want? I have no doubt have love again a love that tell me beside me talk I feel and sigh a love where you live be reason for life and breathe a man making dreams come one capable of raising the most trivial thoughts and make them really want more of the account she IPES ever know how much I love her inquiero and make me tell you everytime you breathe it is my dream and I am your owner require a distinguished woman who awakens my desire to clothe my bed and slips into her which Swan a gentle woman who whisper to my gray hair remove me the lugubrious and becomes possible I want her body in all desert space let me feel the warmth that inflames love Samuel Akinin Levy burn me close my eyes to do so I see you bring to me and do what I want what is it? do I want to?.