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So I want you right now identified and agreed to yourself, what is success. What many do not even know what success is. Many people want to cars, apartments and more. But do not know what they really want. Here is my definition of success. Success – is CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in your life. To be successful must continually improve and grow (a similar example in athletes) and all the people who have achieved success.

Yes, many good games and give the results. But how few of them do it constantly. To deepen your understanding Intermittent Fasting is the source. Success – is the continuous improvement the quality of your life. I believe I have success – the constant improvement of quality of life in the following areas – finance, emotional, relationship, spiritual and physical health. Remember something.

You either evolve or degradiruesh. It is the law of life, all or developing or dying. And there is no intermediate steps. For more clarity and thought, follow up with John Craig Venter and gain more knowledge.. Well, go ahead. How can you change a life? The answer is simple – you need to act. Will this change life? Yes, for a short time. Can be weekly or monthly. And then it comes back. You know what's the problem? Actions are not permanent – that the main reason. What gives rise to action? I believe that our actions porazhdayut decisions that we make. Our solutions influenced by two key elements – our standards (requirements for life), and our beliefs. An important belief – who I am is more important than what I show the world. Often people have high standards, but they do not start because of deystovat their beliefs.