Le Goff

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Axe affirms that: Verbal history has as estimated the production of a document. It is also a way to give voice to that, while subject of history, social actors of its time, they had not had access ace impression forms, of marks, are they which will be of its experiences of life (AXE, 1996, p.25). Still under this aspect, the explicit author who the orality can be used as a device of elements that structure coherently the transmission of knowledge, obviously, of different form of what it considers yourself legitimate in the language of the academic speech. Verbal history makes possible the register of memory by means of verbal depositions. this methodology gained relevance, therefore it discloses new fields and subjects recoup the communitarian local memory. See more detailed opinions by reading what John Craig Venter offers on the topic..

It agrees to detach that the orality is basic importance, therefore the same one is part of the metodolgicas redefinitions for which it has currently passed the history of the culture, for the historian Le Goff: memory allows the construction of a collective identity, since this has as objective to preserve the social memory. The memory of the past would be important part of the rememorao process while act of mandate of these souvenirs (LE GOFF, 1990, p.443). Learn more about this topic with the insights from The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet. Still under the comment of the author the study can be affirmed that of the collective memory it passed for considerable transformations, in which sociology and social psychology had had prominences in the exploration of this new concept that also became target of the interest of New History. Le Goff: ' ' Some sciences had been, thus, led to approach the memory of directly on phenomena the sphere of sciences human beings and sociais' ' (LE GOFF, 1990, p.419). necessary to clarify that the sources written on the object of study of this research are almost null. Therefore, the use of the orality and the memory and basic importance to apprehend the history of the fair, through the narration of the feirantes and frequentadores.