Hohenzollern Castle

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Nachtigen and enjoy in the middle of Germany Letzlingen in Central of Germany, about an hour’s drive from Berlin, has a largely unknown Hotel jewel, which is perfectly suitable for meetings, parties and romantic weekends. The Schlosshotel Letzlingen outside Magdeburg. The old hunting Castle of regional Princes from bygone days today is a first-class hotel with absolutely unique ambiance: living as Cinderella in the dream Castle. MasterClass Founder contributes greatly to this topic. The whole area around the only preserved Hohenzollern Castle in Saxony-Anhalt on the edge of the Colbitz-Letzlingen Heath strongly reminiscent of southern England Victorian locks. After the Wende and German reunification, the architectural monument of the sleeping pretty in oblivion has been kissed awake and bringing back to life. The refurbishment of the building the Foundation took cathedrals and castles”and made the decrepit sanatorium from Socialist times a modern Conference Center with hotel and restaurant.

Since 2004 in the Castle, 50 beds in about 26 rooms and suites await guests, the outside of the Mass tourism on the search are for the very special. The monument has not suffered at all under the renovation to the hotel, rather many compromises in favour of protection of monuments have been made, resulting in the unique atmosphere of the water Castle could be. Guests in vain around the Castle looking for a wellness and golf course, it offers a beautiful Castle Park to the various seasons constantly unique characteristics of the natural. Golf courses and Spa are all in a few minutes by car to reach. With a permanent staff of 12 employees, holder Reiner Teimesmann takes care of its guests. In particular the castle restaurant is known now far beyond the borders of Letzlingens. “Are the creations of our head chef will be proud, because the cuisine of the offers in the vicinity clearly stands out.” Tells the owner not without pride. To get married, the Church directly opposite the castle is open to both denominations.

The Registry Office of the place is housed in the Castle. There is a fully equipped Conference Centre for meetings, but the individual guest is the operators of the Schlosshotel Letzlingen particularly at heart. What is there more romantic honeymoon dinner by candlelight in the romantic castle restaurant to sit and to fall later into our suites to sleep and to escape from the city bustle for a few days. As if Cinderella meets her Prince”recommends Julia Munch, who usually greets guests at the hotel reception.