Hair Removal

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When implementation of procedures within 6-8 weeks, guaranteed hair epilation in all problematic parts of the body. How quickly Elos hair removal get rid of hair in advance is impossible to say: it all depends on the characteristics of an organism and specificity produced by area from which removes the hair. Cardiologist is actively involved in the matter. Soonest Elos hair removal deals with vellus facial hair, as, for example, solid and long-growing hair on the legs – a task more difficult. None However, if the hair epilation is performed regularly and systematically, the effect would be fitting: the complete absence of hair on the treated body part. Elos hair removal long productively used as a weaker sex and men for hair removal. Elos hair removal is used to destroy hair at the back and hair epilation in intimate areas.

As an alternative to daily shaving: hard and dark hair bristles effortlessly amenable to Elos epilation. The main advantages of Elos Hair Removal: painless hair removal – even a very thin, light and very tanned skin, no restrictions on the conduct of normal life (both before and after the procedure allowed Sunbathing, Elos hair removal does not require recovery time and much more). Hair in different places disappear forever when using Elos hair removal. Destruction of hair is not the only remarkable feature Elos hair removal. Arriving at Elos salon to perform hair removal, people are happy to discover that the skin at the site of hair removal has become noticeably more youthful and supple.

Elos Hair Removal "in combination" enhances the production of elastin and collagen, which strengthen the skin, making it more compelling and healthy. What happens when a hair removal with Elos hair removal? On the site where performed epilation, hair must shave off a few days before the implementation of the Elos Hair Removal, so to enable them to grow by about 1 millimeter. At the reception, the client is located in a comfortable chair, wears dark glasses – and the procedure begins. Anything that can distinguish between a client – a strong short-lived flashes of bright light, originating from the applicator apparatus, all that can feel – slightly perceptible tingle.