Gerhard Otto

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This book is devoted to back pain the widespread disease and shows potential in a holistic approach is, in the long term to rid the pain. The doctor Dr. Otto describes how it works, real life. In addition to medical facts (drugs, posture, prevention, alarm signals of the body etc.), they explain the specific steps you have to go. Anyone can eginnen tomorrow with his personal “in 21 days Ruckenschmerzfrei”. The tug of war in the spine “in 21 days without back pain”, this is the title of a new published Advisor.

The author, Dr. Gerhard Otto, works with back patients for over 25 years. In the course of his varied experience and further training, he has developed a surprisingly plausible solution for back pain problems. Starting from newest He explains how back pain arise and how you can successfully fight them, even prevent research results clear and easy to understand. His book contains valuable tips for all concerned and at the same time for all those who want to prevent. In contrast to other essays on this topic, Dr. Otto has the people as a whole in mind. Pain – who does not know that the message about a problem: our body signaled us with pain, that he has a problem where he needs help.

The easing of the pain, the problem is not resolved, means almost always only one thing – the pain comes back. Usually you go is the problem, if the pain disappeared. The next time the body begins to “shout louder” with recurrent and severe pain. He tried to tell his “owner”, but often this not just listen to. Even when back pain that is so, the author has found. 7 errors and 3 Myths he found out also, why back pain patients not to get rid of their complaints. The most, was the cause that they one or more Mistakes were or believed in also myths.