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For example, a convenient place for a check-dive is located near the lighthouse Vigra. It is located in the southwestern part of the island. In the ruins of the lighthouse outbuildings can hide from the wind during the preparing to dive. Depth from 3 to 18 meters. Weak current in the south-west. Underwater kelp forests, many urchins and crabs.

Visibility 10-15 meters. Molde One day, our stay in alesund, we decide to go to the next city Molde. Molde for lush greenery and rose gardens, called "the city of roses." And yet he is known by the international jazz festival held annually in mid-July. In addition to the city, we are still interested Eresfjorden, in the vicinity of Molde, with its waterfall Mardalsfossen. This waterfall is the highest continuous vertical cascade in Northern Europe – 297 meters. Guidebooks recommend visiting a waterfall in the period from June 20 to August 20.

At this time, he is the most spectacular show. Machines can be placed on specially adapted area in the woods near the waterfall, and then have to go "feet on pebbles," two miles uphill. But the spectacle is worth it, believe me. After a few days stay in alesund and we moved to the island in a hotel in the city Bergsoyd Fosnavag, that would be closer to the next target of our journey – the island of Runde. In Fosnavage in a bookstore, we bought the new charts (to replace old damaged). They very helpful in the planning of dives.