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Diesel price threatened 97prozent of all transport companies / professionals call third oil crisis of transport industry is existentially threatened / Bornemann’s InFLEET brings efficiency considerably while experts already call the third oil crisis, winds up the policy responsibility, criticized though and looks up sorrowfully also the economy, but instead acts, spreading them only verbal good weather mood. It ignores that the peddling oil price threatens to weigh on the world economy similarly strong like in the oil shocks of the 1970s and 1980s years. Local carriers have long arrived at the limit, and many would no longer survive the predicted ever-increasing price of oil. The diesel price burden on the German transport sector rose within a year to an additional burden of 12,000 euros per truck. Add would be the planned increase in the toll, which again would mean an additional burden of 9500 euro per truck, per year on average. In the transport and logistics sector and also in the construction industry fear after extrapolation by Creditrefom each 5600 companies out. Only the telematics industry, such as for example the Bornemann AG, reacted at times on the impending oil price increase and offers a new, lean and efficient telematics solution which is alone fuel costs by up to 15 percent can be reduced with InFLEET.

97 percent of the transport industry are the eyes in the face of the existential problems small and medium-sized companies that closing policy, closes before the fact that the transport sector consists mainly of small companies with each a few jobs. The Federal Association of transport operators (BVT), recalled the policy these days, just the carrier ensure with up to 50 employees, that the vital supply of all citizens is assured and the production chains in Europe smoothly functioning. The policy fail any relief just this company. Optimal fleet management with maximum efficiency the really useful offers of immediate relief and efficiency come out of the Telematics industry.