Eyes Mirror Of Health

Posted by on December 25, 2023as

Order to be able to notice symptoms often look in the mirror. Your eyes can tell about all the diseases that have settled in your body. That the sunken eyes speak of exhaustion, and a brilliant mind – a strong excited – well-known fact. But few are aware that frequent blinking indicates autonomic dysfunction, vascular dystonia and the tremor of the eyeball – an indicator of multiple sclerosis. Eyes mirror with a metallic sheen "issue" hyperthyroidism. Dull eyes, coupled with swollen eyelids say about heart disease. Much can be "read" and the whites of his eyes. Pomutnevshie proteins signal on infectious disease, yellowish say abnormal liver function, and numerous red streaks on the protein are venous stasis.

It is important in the diagnosis of color century. Yellowish-brown patches on upper eyelid – a sign of hormonal imbalance. Bluish color of a sunken section of the century shows a lack of iron in the body, brownish color of the lower eyelid – the anemia. Appeared plaque on the eyelids – beware metabolic disorders..