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There comes a time , during the first 2 weeks of gradually removing any abnormal symptoms, and then installed in an asymptomatic for malaria until the late recurrences. The duration of latency can be up to 9-11 months (for malaria with short incubation). Personal reasons (cooling, blood loss, trauma, etc.) can provoke relapses 3-4 months after the initial attack. The distinctive features of recurrence of reinfection is a regular alternation of attacks, a large number of malaria parasites in the blood and the ease of their detection in the presence of gamonts Diseases are the leading metamalyariynymi splenitis, hepatitis with the outcome of liver cirrhosis, anemia giporegeneratornaya. Falciparum malaria is sometimes characteristic of malignant course.

These forms include the spring, lightning, shape. Occasionally observed before 1960 among school-age children and less often in adults in northern and middle areas of the former USSR during the late recurrences (in the absence antirecurrent treatment) and clinical manifestations were similar to acute meningitis (a sudden rise in temperature, excruciating headache, vomiting, unconsciousness, convulsions). Deaths can occur within hours of the temperature rise. Quartan (below indicate only major differences from falciparum malaria). Can occur anywhere. Season fresh diseases – from August to October. The incubation period – 14-25 days.

As an exception happens prolonged incubation. The clinic is characterized by a four-day malaria correct, regular alternation of attacks. They occur in accordance with the 72-hour cycle of schizogony in two days for a third. Duration of paroxysms – About 12 hours, apyrexia – 60 hours latter fact explains the relatively benign course. Chills and sweats are less pronounced than in falciparum malaria. Late relapses occur in the III quarter. Duration Is the most severe form of malaria. The incubation period is 9-16 days. Typical paroxysms are rare. Amazing chill and pouring sweat, usually does not happen. Duration of attack up to 36 hours, and apyrexia patients may experience agitation, delirium, sometimes associated hemorrhagic syndrome.