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Back pain make many life to hell. “Often helps a targeted strength training for the entire body, to go again beschwerdefreu through life together with the Kiel staff trainer Andre Leisner back Lakshmi fight just seat, otherwise you’ll get a crooked back” or if you have back pain, lie down prefer quiet “are oft-heard quotes from parents, friends or work colleagues of back pain sufferers. Thereby, medical studies have proven that there are many mistakes in the handling of back pain and its origin is often unrecognized. Andre Leisner has made a name as a personal trainer in Kiel and surroundings in almost two years and focuses its work on health prevention for medical facts. By the same author: Jon Medved . So, he keeps his fitness programs on the statements of the renowned Sportwissenschaftlers Professor Ingo Frobose. For him, often underestimated: lack of exercise.

Office activities, evening television program on the couch, or too many ways with the Auto complete, are the main causes of back pain among 60-year olds, experts say. Andre Leisner recommends therefore in his staff to get training hours not just in time with him in motion, but also in the own leisure times a walk to insert more or to do some gymnastics in front of the TV. Also, anyone who thinks that sitting straight or an ergonomic Office Chair helps preventive, is unfortunately mistaken. Movement is however not equally healthy movement. Construction workers or nurses who pick often heavy things, complain the most about problems in the back. Always the same movements are also not useful. Many appear in the personal training healthy movements.

Back ailments are what he also often experienced among its customers, through a large and heavy abdominal girth. Many people get pain, because the weight of the bacon is the stability of abdominal and back muscles”, says Leisner, as a result, the muscles go limp, and the pelvis tilts forward. So bend the spine to the hollow back unfortunately.” So, the factor of weight reduction is an important tool in the training work for a healthy back. An often underestimated aspect is the mental load on the body. Who suffers from lack of motivation due to stress or grief, quickly enters a vicious cycle. One braced itself, rather be home hanging out, does not move and tends to increase to faster. Chronic back pain occur very often in this symptom group. Counter steering is announced! With motivation Andre Leisner wants to persuade his customers to relax through sport and to bring not only the body but also the mind to front man. Movement is the best medicine!