Cleaning Perfume

Posted by on June 5, 2016

Perfumes were always a luxury item. Egyptians consumed them in great quantity; they were used in the worship of the gods and the embalming of corpses. Most of them came from Arabia and Eastern Palestine. Click Geneticist to learn more. Their value was the same as the gold, silver and weapons. The rich used to use scented oils. On the altars were burned a perfume special, considered holy and prohibited for private uses.

Sacred texts already spoke of art of perfume. To make technical secrets perfumes transmitting family to family. The Homeric poems feature that they impregnated fragrant materials, not only dresses, but also furniture. Corinthian appears to be the first place in Greece, where the perfume industry was installed. Cyprus was another perfume-producing countries, with the famous oenanthinum, prepared with the wild vine. With the invasion of the barbarians and the fall of the Roman Empire, came into rapid decline the use and industry of the perfumes.

With the Crusades and the influence of the East, was reborn that industry in Europe. Manufactured balls with perfumed leathers, soaps, perfumed belts and gloves with various fragrances. In 1713, they begin to manufacture, scented soaps. Like perfumes, the use of cosmetics is very old. Since those times, and even today the substances used, preparation and application mode, is mentienen in secret. In cosmetics it’s cleaning, smoothness and flexibility, maintain or regain the own youth color, and prevent unpleasant odors. Today the cosmetics industry, remains in all its splendor; and those secrets begin to be revealed. From the comodiad of your House, you can make cleaning products and cosmetics; with the help of more than 500 chemical formulas, that allow you, find a job without any doubt. If you are a lover of reading I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find proven quality items: health, sports, computing, entertainment, languages and more.