Cause Diagnosis

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No sting – when the head rotates and revolves, is everyday life the real problem us all the different forms of dizziness are met before, without that we perceive it as something threatening. You’re only briefly and disappear. Others must fight with this feeling of Vertigo hours up to a day for months on end, which their quality of life suffers considerably. The Vertigo, as the dizziness in technical jargon is called, has many causes. Some, it sometimes takes years before the correct diagnosis is established and you can find a cure for this. However, always more successful both the responsible doctors. Dr. Hyman will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Against almost any kind of dizziness can be remedied by now, for many of whom the patient is responsible. The hoax – everyone can find it otherwise is normal if we can know and feel, where left, right, bottom, above is.

There is a complex system consisting of three elements responsible for this simple certainty. Roughly speaking, two for the measurement and one are responsible for regulating. Is of disturbed, we lose of control over our balance system. When the dizziness, a troubled system trumpet incorrect movement speed and direction information, confused the ours regulator as a result. The four comprehensible forms of dizziness are turning, Schwank -, lift, and drowsiness dizziness.

Spinning sensation has heard everyone ever in the harmless form of sitting too long on a merry-go-round or a hub on the playground. After leaving simulates a rotation in the opposite direction for a while in our head. With the Schwank dizziness you lurching around like a drunk, in the belief it will drawn in a certain direction. , As the name suggests, everyone in the elevator driving experiences lift dizziness. Here the system cheats in a nonexistent vertical movement a. The last type of fraud, the drowsiness dizziness, manifests itself in General powerlessness and disorientation.