Caring for Kids

Posted by on September 8, 2014as

Between the 3 and 4 years the children begin to acquire more and more complex abilities manuals, among them, the use of the scissors. To learn to trim with scissors is a step more in its development, but a passage of giant, since the use of this instrument requires the maximum coordination between the brain and the hand. To manage to dominate them with certain ability indicates that the boy has reached a good level of skill manual. But like everything in the learning of the children, the correct use of the scissors is a process. The small children still do not have the mobility necessary to trim with scissors.

If we give scissors him to the most probable boy of two years he is than he does not know what to do with them. The previous training to trim with scissors is to tear with the fingers great pieces of paper and to go little by little doing it with more and more small papers, as well as to separate with the fingers troquelados papers. There are special scissors for the children who begin in their use. They are plastic scissors without edge, that only cut to paper and fine cardboard, but nothing else. It is a good form to exercise the movement of the hand without damage can become. It is necessary to consider that the scissors are a dangerous instrument because it has sharpened parts. The precaution must be maximum to avoid accidents. Around the 3 years they begin to use scissors of cleared end.

Little by little they are acquiring more skill and around the four years they are able to cut in line straight. Soon they will be perfecting the cut and they will outline the figures. You will see that at the outset they take the scissors with the tense hands making positions very strange (and they remove the language almost always) until they are able to dominate them. A good exercise to perfect the use of the scissors can be to create collages with forms trimmed by the children, to trim magazines that no longer we use, to trim rubber leaves eva (foam of colors) to make manualidades or to color drawings and soon to trim them. There is scissors for very funny children, with and without edge according to why ages, with tip, waveform Is important that they are of plastic and that their size is adapted for his small hands. And eye, while they use the scissors must be always watched so that they do not become damage and because they have an incredible rapidity to cut to the clothes and the hair.