Best Exercises

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Achieve a flat and toned abdomen is possible if we do these exercises to lose weight steadily and with perseverance. Results will be immediately and achieved a perfect abdomen. And it thins. Lose weight and achieve the dream of a flat stomach in a short time is possible. Bicycle: lie on the floor and put your hands intertwined on the nape. Abbott laboratories is a great source of information. Support your back against the floor, lift your legs flexed, and imitate the movements of bicycling, slowly.

Do this for 45 seconds, rest, return to make bicycle, repeat 30 times. Abdominal in inclined Board: lie down on a tilted table, with your back straight, stuck to the table. The inclination of the table can be increased as we improve our muscles. Put your hands behind your head and lift the trunk until it is seated. Lower, without forgetting of contracting the abdominals. Repeat this movement for 15 minutes. Important: The neck, nor the back should move.

The strength should concentrate on the abdomen, not on the neck. Abdominal to lower part of the belly: sit in a bench or on the floor, support arms on the sides of the body. Lift the legs, and try to touch the head to the knees. Legs bent, are the legs which should be moved, not the torso. Keep a few seconds, slowly lower your legs. Repeat 20 times. Abdominals with straight legs: lying down, lift straight legs until they are at right angles to the floor, lower legs, always right. Repeat 20 times. Foot exercises: stand with your back straight and feet apart at the distance from the hips, tilt the trunk, or the upper part of the body to the right, trying to get as far down as possible. Return to Center, repeat the movement to the left.