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Growth is a stage with which the company is about to begin at the beginning of the life cycle. The management of the value of the company is caught with determining the strategic objectives and the development of the system of KPI, providing the Director with the exact details of the results of the work of their Manager. The Administration’s success depends on how can properly the leadership set the priorities and determine the key factors of the value of the upper levels. Additional information at Somatic Experiencing supports this article. Growth is a stage with which the company is about to begin at the beginning of the life cycle. The products and services in the given stage have the significant potential of growth. To capitalize on this potential, we must attract the significant resources for the development and the rise of the new products and services; the performance skills build and spread.

invest in the systems, infrastructure and distribution network, create the customer base and develop. At this stage of the development of monetary power can have a negative meaning and the return on the investment will be low. Investments can exceed the income in the future development that gets the business from the limited base of existing products, services and customers. The overall financial goal at this stage of the development of the business is in the percentage growth of income and the volumes of sales in the target segments. All financial factors of value can be divided conditionally into four groups of KPI: key figures, which reflect the strategic effectiveness of society; the effectiveness of operation activity; the effectiveness of investment activity; the effectiveness of the financial activity. The strategic effectiveness of society the term that solves the problem that often results from the introduction of value-based management in the companies, an inability to use the value of the disposition of the business. The matter is, that the value not always the result of the work of the Manager only reflects: the external factors (for example, the forecast of development of the market or the behavior of the investors) they affect and, in addition, the formula of calculation is much complicated for the understanding of the ordinary employees.