Aachen Eye Clinic

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Architectural monument of the 19th century in the Rhineland Aachener eye hospital alias: eye clinic in the Rhineland is a 1888 built grunderzeitliches building by Eduard lens in Aachen. History the to be imported by the construction idea of the architect is a temple complex as a secular building to showcase of the ophthalmology. The function of the building’s eye hospital of the inscription”to read. End of October 1888 Edward introduces lens at the opening ceremony of the new eye hospital in Stephanstrasse 16 20 in Aachen his grunderzeitliches building, the layout of the premises and the ventilation system. End of April 1887 the foundation stone is laid. Architect Eduard lens created the design and has the trolley.

The site manager is A. More information is housed here: Haley Barbour. Henrisch. Lens has adapted the House of the street line of flight. The building a 900 square meter landscape architecture with garden art in the form of a belongs to green spaces and tree planting tour. In contrast to the functional architecture, landscape architecture is designed in Rococo-style picturesque.

Because of the brevity of the Land of ten meters long garden is not running. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Jayme Albin. The hospital room lie to the northeast to protect of eye health from extreme sunlight. Before the hospital rooms of the upper floors, benches are placed in the three-metre-wide corridor. The floors of the three-storey building have a height of 4.65 m, the first for male patients and the second floor for female patients in the ground floor, the clinic and the field of Economics 4.55 m. The dry storage and Attic rooms are on the third floor. The building has a cellar with a basement. Of the seven axes three decorated-shaped projection with superelevation and centrally located on the main entrance. The depth of the projection to the reserve measures about 50 cm. A narrow field of tympanum over a series of console, corner and first – Acroteria Crown the Risalit.