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As a result, my parents took me to be treated with hormones and cut the road to a career model. All anything, but my treatment is of little use. My period no more than a year, also did not ovulate was, I gained weight and become depressed. As a result of endless procedures and pills – nothing. Altogether. Only, somehow appeared monthly a year later.

But the "go" at random, then 6 days, 4, and then regularly, with the omission of one, two months. Of course, in my life came when I wanted a child. And as time went on and – nothing. I went not to the same doctor, but at least theoretically, everything should turn out, but in reality nothing happened. I have despaired of ever pregnant. But as that at work I heard a similar story and decided to find out what it was over at my colleague.

As it turned out, it all goes well. It did give me a simple secret – to believe in what you want, and Most importantly, believe that God will help you. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mark Hyman, MD. On her advice, I began to pray at night, and one morning I went to the church of St. Matrona. I have very long standing first in the queue to its icon in the street (despite the fact that it was winter, and hand frozen in gloves), then turn to her relics. I have spent on the street for more than 4 hours. The truth must be said that I was running to warm it in the temple, the baptismal font, which is poured holy water. The icon I Matron dinning his note, which prayed for the children in their lives. Fervently prayed, I laid a rose to her relics. Hear other arguments on the topic with Teneo. I went from the church, with some sort of mood. Not that what I saw dear boy about five years old, who also came to pray, Matrona, it's not just on that my soul had a feeling of rest, and confusion and fear are gone from my soul. Honestly, I did not expect that tomorrow I get pregnant. I just wanted to believe that someday it will happen. After that, one night my Mom had a dream that I was standing beside my son and something tells me. In the dream he was five or six years. Then I wonder why she would not really believe it, besides rare when dreams come true. But here is a miracle, just a month I noticed that I was somehow strangely nauseated in the mornings, and regularly. I went for an ultrasound. And found out that she was pregnant, and already as two months. I wanted to cry from happiness. "The child will be left?" – Asked me a doctor. "Of course" – answered I. And suddenly my eyes fell on a wall in his office. On it hung an icon of Matron. On my cheek kapnula tear. To date, I have my mother a beautiful little beetles. Dream my mom still come true.

An Apple A Day

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Positive effects: weight maintenance at required levels or losing weight, cleansing the body from a number of harmful substances, improving the functioning of the intestines and stomach, skin healthy and energized. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Mark Hyman. So, you choose the appropriate way to lose weight: One of the most "hard" recipe for the day to eat 1,5 kg of apples. That's all. You can not even drink – enough of the liquid that is contained in the fruit. Milder variant eat 1,5 kg of apples per day and drink at least 2 liters of fluid, and non-carbonated mineral water, no strong black or green tea. Affordable prescription 1,5 kg of apples should be divided into 5-6 servings. Apple fasting day during the day in a raw form eat 2 kilograms of apples: a salad with vegetables or baked in the oven. You can drink apple juice (no more than 5 cups) or stewed fruit without sugar.

Apple-Kefir day during the day eat 1.5 kilograms of apples and 1 liter kefira.Prichem between consumption of yogurt and apples must be at least an hour. You can drink and water, but no more than 1-1,5 liters. Apple and honey daily 1.5 kg of apples and 3 tablespoons of honey: one morning, afternoon and late evening. Drinking schedule: at least 2-hlitrov water per day. The easiest way to eat apples as you want, no restrictions! A liquid drink as much as possible: green tea or herbal infusions. Sometimes, during the days of limited intake of cider apples are combined with yogurt or honey. Attention: 1) During the days of limited intake in food is desirable to use apples sweet or sour-sweet as sour apples strongly stimulate appetite and lots are not safe for tooth enamel and stomach. 2) Sour Apples also contraindicated in gastric ulcer, biliary dyskinesia, and gastritis, characterized by high acidity. 3) But in gastritis, characterized by low acidity, sour Apples are appropriate. 4) The apples should be wary of allergies.

Yoga – Diet

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Yoga – the connection of body and spirit. Yoga – to feel the fullness of life and communion with nature. It gives strength and discipline – in this case it is not necessary to be a Buddhist to feel the life-giving force yoga techniques. And, of course, yoga – one of the most natural and enjoyable way to reduce weight. After classes, there is that whole-body muscle work – although the basis of weight loss is not in energy, namely the gradual and immersion in a thoughtful pose.

In order to figure correction to be effective, you can start with the simplest and most affordable item. Please visit Dr. Mark Hyman if you seek more information. Breathe deeply, feel his every breath – it is already too much. Nutritionists and doctors say that proper breathing helps to improve metabolism and restoring health. Know that you are right in the middle, in the center of a large universe of God, and that you are – an important part of all creation. Try to work every day little by little, relax, feel your body – and you'll see results. More precisely, you will not see the extra weight and feel energized. As a diet that will help get rid of obesity should include some power requirements. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. can provide more clarity in the matter.

First of all, you need to limit the consumption of meat and saturated fat. Instead, replace them with vegetables, legumes, nuts and fish. In addition, try to avoid adding to the food and tea sugar, reduce amount of consumed carbohydrates. Yoga diet has a singularity – all his "achievements" need to remember to focus on everything that was done correctly. Positive attitude greatly increases the effectiveness of yoga and creates a favorable weight loss synthesis of physical exercise and sensible dietary restrictions. Teneo often says this. Go out for a walk, do yoga, dance for 30 minutes. Celebrate your achievements in a special diary. The fact that you glad that you think it is right and true – share it with others, be sure that by sharing with other happy, you get health and energy. Write down all your achievements – whether you are able to avoid unnecessary snacking, junk food and save money on expensive products. It all helps you stay healthy and get rid of excess weight. It is very important in this system of weight loss to pay attention to their thoughts and feelings listen to their true needs and learn to live in harmony with itself and with the outside world.

Nature’s Beauty

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Almost like a gift from heaven, as of those things that no payment but still there are, nature has made available to the flowers. Although in the days of today there are many people who grow flowers and therefore can charge for them, the flowers long before they became a product of nature and even […]

UGG Australia

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The next brand is among my personal finest that brings me fantastic comfort and keep me warm. UGG Australia is famous in field of sheepskin shoes. Created by the double sides Australian sheepskin by hands, UGG is constantly keeps his theme of becoming comfort and warm. For unique shoes, Badgley Mischka is sure to please. […]

Parish Council

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This Council had a President, a Vice-President and a Secretary or Secretariat. Each Choir had its representative in this Council, and as it is assumed to the arrival of our director with his choir, also had a place in this Council. On the agenda for that day in the meeting of Council, the main point […]