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Now Mexicans are living a dangerous reality: obesity. The majority of Mexicans are overweight, progressive and very serious problem since in addition to causing low self-esteem and secondary diseases, can lead to death. If you are overweight, you want to delete it and diets you tried to simply do not give you the results that your Wikipedia, it is time that you go to surgery. Obesity surgeries are a normal practice in many other first world countries, now in Mexico they have been doing very normal with the passing of the years, there are no taboos and people performs with confidence. Obesity surgeries practiced in Mexico are: gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric band, all of them practiced with great efficiency and security. If you are overweight and you have not decided by a surgery by the risk takes into account the risk associated with practicing one of these surgeries of obesity is very low and on the contrary, living with obesity is much more dangerous. Don’t be afraid of submit to surgery, comes with a physician and talk with him about your concerns of wanting to lose weight, you’ll see that we discuss you on this completely safe option.

Doctor Miguel Boris

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Yesenia San Juan explained the importance of Praxis, a Christian institution that makes both Somali and Latino immigrants. Dr. Temi from the Home Office explained that by law his institution does not allow when they talk about recordings, but is He promised to listen to several cases. He came with a team of his staff, most of them people of color. He said that his aim was to seek to cooperate with the community and that he was to provide ears. However, the politicians have the final decision, and he suggested the community go to them. Doctor Miguel Boris, Peruvian lawyer, revealed that 4 months ago anything illegal or undocumented can marry and stay in this realm. He said that this decision was taken in the courts of England and Wales and that the Home Office failed to appeal, so the shooting went for the stock.

Nancy Liscano explained the service of the telephone of hope who attends in Spanish and Portuguese to hundreds of latinos seeking solution to all your problems. Alistair Suillesband, Commander of the metropolitan police, and Ian Baxtor, of the transport police, explained that the role of its forces is the care of law and order and when instructed to stop people is not to know whether or not they are illegal but only when there is a suspicion of crimes. However, Gloria Gomez told them that police has raided several houses of latinos in the dawns and has separated members of a family to deport them. Nick Nicholson, liberal Councillor for Streatham, explained that the recent Convention of his party, decided to apply for amnesty and legality for all those who have been a decade in the country. The appointment was developed in an atmosphere of tranquility and mutual dialogue. He is expected again to do this but with a still wider audience.