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Good Nutrition and Healthy Skin

Posted by on October 16, 2012 (Comments Closed)as

It explained to me that the frequent taking of liquids and a suitable and nutritious feeding, would prevent that my lips were cracked. This surprised to me, but simultaneously it made be on the awares me. After that I stopped using creams for lips and followed the instructionses that the referring doctor gave to me to take a good feeding and abundant consumption of liquids and no longer I present/display that problem of cracking of my lips, so the reasoning of the doctor, although sounded stranger at first sight, really yes worked. And if again we applied a little logic to this fact, we can conclude easily that if worked in the lips, it means that also can work to support the treatment to eliminate the acne. A fact that much people ignore is that some substances of the foods that we consumed excrete through pores of the back, and this would have to make us include/understand that the diet of the acne is crucial for some people, and that the foods aperitive type or tea that we consumed, usually contain a high greasy content and this one is precursory of the acne buds. A diet adapted for your treatment of the acne must include organic fruits, vegetables, products, products not process and much water.

This diet of the acne is very recommendable for people who fight with problems of shinbones, but in addition to free itself of the spots of the skin and to take advantage in the intention to eliminate the acne. In my next article I will speak a little more on the importance of the feeding in the treatment for the acne.