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Who taught passarinho to fly? Why it does not fall when is flying? He will be that it does not have fear of the heights? If it is penalty question, that penalty, why the hen does not fly, also? since we are in air, who was that he painted the sky of blue? He will be that he used coil, brush or spray? Who also painted the sky hung in it clouds? Where they had arranged as much cotton to full clouds? who was that it hung the stars? It will be that it gave work very? Why they only light at night? Who paid a counts of the light of the stars? when amanhece, pra where vaia luzinha of them? We can continue! It has other questions that do not want to be silent! Where he is the interruptor who lights and erases the day? When the day is access, pra where goes the dark one? day if hides where, when comes the night? since they say that the night has mouth, which will be the size of the brush that it uses to brush teeth? Or it will be that the mouth of the night does not have teeth? If it does not have, who which was the dentist extracted who them? Pra not to leave of speaking of the nature, will be that somebody knows who is that assopra the wind? How it is that it makes to refresh one day of heat? Wait there. Not yet it finished. Who knows to say who to me cooled the ice? Who esquentou the sun? Who lit the fire? Who wet the water? Because it will be that not yet they had invented a hot ice? Because it will be that not yet they had invented water in dust? after all already makes almost everything ' ' in p' ' it only lacks the water. .


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Playing, another time. Father, mother, where are vocs? Playing of hide-he hides of new, to only scare me! Then, they appear laughing to the outbursts of laughter, running to hug me with the characteristic affection of the parents. To the few, we leave to play of hide-hides, goat-blind person, amarelinha and other diversions that made our joy. I was growing, but it seems that vocs they had not noticed this, or did not want to perceive. They desired that I remained the girl of always, many times obedient, other times crosspiece, but under the strict control of vocs. That craze the parents has of not wanting that the children cut the lace, leaving for new phases and with them, new adventures. It will be that this almost obsession of not in allowing the growth them is related to the idea of that they are being older? Now, yes, that everything complicated.

I was adolescent as my friends and I became quieter. It desired to be isolated with my dreams and fancies of namoro, with that neighbor of ruivos hair and freckles. My parents they did not accept my change. They said that I had to be with serious problems, and that they could only decide them. They found that they were the owners of the truth.

Any technological newness that appeared I I counted for them. They considered all bobagem. To individualizar it wanted me, to believe that it had capacity, but continued being treated as child. Until the profession they wanted to choose for me. My dream was to be artist of cinema or theater. They wanted that I was doctor or lawyer. She has patience! I was not actress. I made Journalism, obtaining a job in a monthly magazine of our city. Optimum E: I was to live alone in a building located in a total opposing zone to the one of my parents. Still well that the phase most difficult of my life seemed to have finished. Now it was married, had my children, but still menininha was treated as one, that it needed protection. In this height of the events, I had fun and made jokes with them, regarding the subject. To the measure that my children grew, I, now mother, thought about the best form of to educate them, without bigger requirements, with much dialogue, allowing its liberty of speech. However, always it errava in some thing. There for as much, I started to distrust that my parents of one hour for another one, without advance warning, needed aid and my cares. Father, mother, where are vocs? If they had hidden another time to scare me? Only that now, I scared myself for real. I found the two running away for the gate, crossing the street, without the least to look at for the sides. I cost to bring them in return. I needed to ask for aid for my older son, so that they entered in house. Disembarassed Oh Alzheimer, that has asked for nailed to me!

School Social Research

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After the armistice one moved to the United States, where it gave classes in the New for School Social Research of New York. In this city Roman Jakobson knew and tried to the linguist, whose work was fundamental for the evolution of its ideas. Call to France in 1944 by the Minister of Subjects Exteriors, returned to the United States in 1945. After a brief passage by the French embassy in Washington like cultural aggregate (1946-1947), it returned to Paris to doctorar itself in the Sorbona after presenting/displaying tesina and thesis (1948): The familiar and social life of the Nambikwara Indians and the elementary structures of kinship. Strauss father of the modern anthropology, I leave track in social sciences and human, it exerted with his works much influence in the western culture. It is possible to emphasize as the Nation of Argentina comments before this fact the Newspaper, that and praised, with little orthodox an academic trajectory for French means and author of 30 works – many of them classic ybest sellers e_SEnD, Lvi-Strauss influenced in philosophers, anthropologists, psychoanalysts, semilogos and linguists, but mainly incarnated the ideal of modern intellectual, with an object of ambitious study: the human thought.

At least 25 countries had celebrated their birthday number 100, almost a year ago. France, among them, him it dedicated to a sample in the Museum du Quai Branly, in Paris, that visited more than 12. 000 people, with 100 conferences on its work, projections, photographies and brought objects of its trips by America. Almost locked up in its Parisian house in the last years, Lvi-Strauss did not attend. " Few intellectuals have ventured themselves as far as Lvi-Strauss in the exploration of the hidden mechanisms of cultura" , he synthesized Le Monde yesterday, in his goodbye to the intellectual who, according to several voices, will be irreplaceable in the French cultural scene.