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Internal Benchmarking

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You use models of processes of other companies to define which process if she adjusts the necessities? It uses models of processes of other companies Source: data collected for the authors Analyzing the gotten data, we saw that the majority of the administrators who had been interviewed uses yes, models of processes of other companies and from they define a process there that if adjusts better in its company. Some continuously, others only to the times, and a small parcel does not use models of processes of other companies. 7.1.4. You practise benchmarking internal, that is, she selects processes, models of other considered departments efficient they apply and them in other areas of its company? Source practises Internal Benchmarking: data collected for the authors We can observe that great part of the administrators of the city of Formosa uses Internal Benchmarking, that is, uses processes that function in definitive sector of the company in adjust in another sector. 7.1.5.Depois to identify, to analyze, to choose and to communicate the changes in the processes inside of the company were possible to identify some resistance on the part of the employees if adaptarem they? She identified some resistance on the part of the employees Source: data collected for the authors In accordance with the data, the majority of the administrators say to identify little resistance on the part of the employees, a small parcel say not to identify resistncias and 38% still say that difficulties, therefore to find much resistance of the employees if to adaptarem the changes brought for practise of the Benchmarking. 7.1.6.Aps the choice of the model of processes, you considers satisfactory the result?

Farming Cooperative

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– To verify the benefits that the implementation of a plan of positions and wages will be able to bring for the Cooperative. – To evaluate if the remuneration for ability is adjusted the institution. 1,2 Methodology of the research This work has as goal to solve a problem of a cooperative, represented for the differences generated for the use of different criteria of positions and wages, in the diverse sectors. The studied company is the Farming Cooperative of Piumhi Ltda., established in city of Piumhi, state of Minas Gerais.

In the search of the solution, they will be used metodolgicos criteria. For Ander-Egg, cited for Lakatos and Marconi (1985, P. 270), the research is one ‘ ‘ systematic, controlled and critical procedure reflective, that allows to discover new facts or data, relations or laws, in any field of conhecimento’ ‘ (1978, P. 28). The research, therefore, is a formal procedure, with method of reflective thought, that requires a scientific treatment and if it constitutes in the way to know the reality or to discover partial truths. The type of research chosen for the elaboration of this project is the preposition immediate because it is intended to describe the problems with positions and wages of the searched company. The choice had it the fact of that, according to Gil, ‘ ‘ descriptive research has as objective primordial the description of the characteristics of determined populations or phenomena. One of its characteristics is in the use of standardized techniques of collection of data, such as the questionnaire and the comment sistemtica.’ ‘ (2002) For the construction of the theoretical model that will support the work, bibliographies related to the subject, periodic and books of the area will be used, as well as Internet, reviewed sources among others.

Surgical Center

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Introduction Particularly the Surgical Center (CC) must provide place adjusted for accomplishment of the anaesthetic-surgical and endoscpicos procedures. With the technological advances in the area of the robotics and the advent of the minimum invasive surgeries, with radiodiagnstico equipment use, the rooms of surgeries must possess adjusted dimensions to accomodate such equipment, as well as all a system of security for the patient and the surgical team. The environment of CC must be inserted in an area with lesser circulation of pessoal1. As science, the sterilization process possesss less than two hundred years. With the discovery of the bacterium and the search of the microbiana death very it was evolved in the microbiano field and consequently in the process of sterilization. Until the beginning of the decade of 40 the cleanness, the preparation and the storage of the material ones were carried through for the team of nursing of the proper units.

The dynamics of the service was decentralized. In middle of the decade of 50, the Central offices had appeared of Materials and Esterilizao (CME) partially centered and half-centered in which, part of the instruments and materials they had started to be prepared and to be esterilizados. Each unit prepared its materials it directed and them for sterilization in only local2. With advancing of the technology and the knowledge in health, specifically in the CME, from the last decades of century XX it appeared to the necessity of an improvement of the techniques and the processes of cleanness, preparation, sterilization and storage of materials and clothes. With consequence, the CME became centered and with the supervision of one enfermeiro2. Currently the Health department praises that the unit of CC and the CME must take care of to the effective sanitary legislation, following structural norms of architecture and physical area, for being a complex area and of restricted access.